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Snoppa Atom Smartphone Gimbal Review (Part 2)

It seems and what that means is that if you’re using it in tan follow mode you’re gonna come up against that limit fairly off air lie quickly when you tilt it forward. For example, before you even hit a 45-degree angle you can see...
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Snoppa Atom Smartphone Gimbal Review (Part 1)

Today we’re gonna be talking about a new cool and very unique smartphone gimbal. This is quite a unique and new design in a smartphone gimbal. So there’s a lot of things to talk about trying to keep it as concise as possible. But let’s...
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How to choose the right ping pong paddle

Today we’ll talk about the paddle racket. Honestly, we shouldn’t call it drag it because it doesn’t have strings. But maybe if you don’t know very much about paddle it will be easier for you to call it racket. I will give you some tips...
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