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Today we’ll talk about the paddle racket. Honestly, we shouldn’t call it drag it because it doesn’t have strings. But maybe if you don’t know very much about paddle it will be easier for you to call it racket. I will give you some tips to help you find the best kind of paddle racket for your style.

¬†First thing – the weight. This is very important thing to avoid injuries and to be sure that you have the optimum control of the ball. It depends on your body weight engine. For males between 370 and 390 I recommend you to play the higher weight, you are able to. Because it will give you more control and power on your shots. For females between 350 and 370 anyway as I said previously it depends on your body weight. You have to think that your overgrip weights about 5 grams each. So if you’re using a 370 grams pal racket the result will be about 380 grams.

Now I’ll tell you about the shape. The most common is round. This side will give you more control of the ball. The sweet point is just in the middle of the racket and closer to your hand. This is the perfect record for different sick players who play in the right side of the curve faster on the back side of the curve.

The second one – is the diamond side. This shape gives you more power the sweet point is smaller than in round shapes and it is far from the grip. This is the perfect abrasive racket for players who are always looking for the net. And it will increase your speed and your power. However, as a conclusion, I will highly recommend you to try the racket before buying. It the best way to know if the material is the most suitable for you is using it for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

Some of you ask me about the way of trying poly materials. In my recommendation, I will be looking for bandit clinics. They are perfect for this.

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