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Today we’re gonna be talking about a new cool and very unique smartphone gimbal. This is quite a unique and new design in a smartphone gimbal. So there’s a lot of things to talk about trying to keep it as concise as possible. But let’s go ahead and hit on those key points. Overall there are a lot of things to love about the snap, there are a few annoyances. But we’ll talk about both of those as much as we can.

The design is extremely different from all of the other Gambles on the market. It is easy to open up and closed down though and it’s very easy to get balanced. It is different to get balanced from another gimbal. So it might take a little bit of getting used to. But once you get used to it it’s very easy and quick to balance as well the folding. The design is really awesome. It makes it really compact, by far the most compact smartphone gimbal on the market that I’ve seen at least.

And it makes it really easy to put in your bag or somewhere and just carry it along with you. As they say, you know the best tool is the one that you have with you. I think often that’s gonna be this. I love wireless charging. I’ve loved it in the past and I’m really happy that they included it here. Of course, you can plug your phone in with a cable to charge it if your phone doesn’t have that wireless charging option.

But I’m really happy that they put that in here some of the buttons on here are actually customizable I’ve never seen that before in a smartphone gimbal and it’s a really cool way to make it work. Best for your style including a mic check on the handle. Here is a really adding unnecessary weight or throwing off the balance of your phone by using a clip-on mic or something.

Maybe screws into the clamp that holds the phone in place. It’s really simple. I don’t actually have a mic as they show on the website to plug straight into here. But I have no reason to believe that it wouldn’t work. It’s very simple. There’s an in jack on the handle, there’s an out jack on the clip and they do include a short little cable to go from that out jack into your phone.

Really simple and really smart the open-ended design. Here is gonna help a lot with that balance as well. Because usually, you have the limit of how far the gimbals arm can extend to find balance if you have an awkwardly balanced phone because of a lens on one side or something that’s gonna throw that off and it’s gonna make it more difficult. But here the open-ended design means you just have to keep sliding it until you find that balance.

I think it’s gonna give a lot more freedom in that sense the grip here is relatively comfortable. It’s not overly complex but there is a nice little rubber strip down the front that will help you have a very secure hold on it as opposed to just having a purely plastic handle. It’s very quick to not only turn your camera around 180 degrees but also to go from horizontal to vertical video very quickly again. Because of that open-ended design of the clamp, there’s nothing blocking it from just twisting.

So you just push a button and it’s going to twist right away very simple, very quick, very easy. And again a cool idea to take advantage of the design of the clip that they have. If you press the button once it will very quickly go into a vertical mode which is really easy to do press it again it will go back and if you hold it down it’ll swing around like that.

So that’s very easy to use even while walking you can switch between a very easy kind of right where the knuckle of your thumb would be to push that out very easily. Last but not least I appreciate that in the app it will automatically save the photos and videos both to the apps gallery but also to your phone’s native camera roll.

I just think that in some apps where you have to go in manually and select and choose to save them it takes a little bit more time. It just makes the whole process a little bit less simple. The design is very clever. There are a lot of different things to like about that like I said already okay. I just want to quickly address something that originally I had recorded as being one of my main complaints about this gimbal.

I guess it still is because it’s really not a hole lot of significant things to complain about with this gimbal. But what that is is the limitation in the tilt direction and on paper when you check it does seem like there is a fair amount of range in that tail direction. If you turn the power off for the motors you can see that yes it does tilt fairly freely. There is a lot of freedom in that axis but when you turn the power on I’ll show you some b-roll to show this more clearly. But there is a very strict limitation in that tilt direction it’s less than 45 degrees.

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