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It seems and what that means is that if you’re using it in tan follow mode you’re gonna come up against that limit fairly off air lie quickly when you tilt it forward. For example, before you even hit a 45-degree angle you can see the phone starts to move even though this is in pan follow mode. It’s not until the following mode but it’s pushing up against that limit. That does show up in your footage.

So that’s kind of frustrating and that still is frustrating when you’re holding as you would a typical gimbal, just holding it straight up. It also means that if you set this down on the mini tripod to take in motion time-lapse you’re going to be limited in the amount of movement in the tilt direction, that you can set in your motion time-lapse that doesn’t change either.

But one thing that was brought to my attention was how can you achieve that kind of jib type effect, where usually you would have the phone in a locked position. And you would just tilt it forward and then kind of bring it up to achieve what looks like a crane movement with this because it hits that limit. You can’t get down low with this and have the camera still pointing straight forward.

People were saying how can you achieve that same result and there is a workaround for that at least and that’s just holding the handle out to the side. Then you can see that there’s a lot more limitation. It doesn’t hit up against that limit this way. So you could put this down low and then bring it up high and have no issues whatsoever. If you want to achieve that kind of crane type look then you’re going to want to do it that way.

A big pro of this gimbal is that you can reprogram a lot of these buttons to whatever you see fit for your personal preference. This can kind of be avoided. But the button that’s on the back which is originally set to change the follow mode it’s a little bit easy to accidentally push when you’re just holding it and using it as you normally would. Positioning to be a little bit troublesome whatever you have mapped there just be aware that it is going to accidentally get pushed probably fairly often.

A big pro of this design but just now in the app in the sniper app there is no indication or icon as to whether or not you’re actually charging. Of course, you can turn that on and off. But you can’t see if it’s on or off in the app. You have to exit out of the app and check your phones native icon there to see if it’s charging or not. Just a little bit of an annoyance and I hope that they add that into a future version of the app.

The face tracking does seem to work pretty well here but the object tracking is not the best that I’ve seen any of the case both of them. Work a little bit differently than I’ve seen with other apps. Usually when you start tracking a face or when you draw a box around the object it will immediately start tracking that. And the gimbal will move to follow that.

But in this case, it does not start actually controlling the gimbal to follow that auto object or that face until you press record. Takes a little bit of getting used to you’ll see the Bucks appear on the face.

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