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And changes speed to your game is gonna help you take your entire game next level and your handles next level very fast. You could do that in minutes. It’ll help you beat defenders more easily break their ankles, take them out of the shoes, create space for shots. Everything you’re looking to do can be made a lot easier and work a lot better. You’ve got a good change of speed.

So today I’ve got a quick five drill circuit that’ll help you get that in your game today. You can play like the pros. So the first one we’re gonna do is go regular dribble up high. But then meet it down low and pop it across but back up high. Not easy to do it’s gonna take a little bit of time to get the control over it and gets a good pop with the wrist on that crossover. So that’s the big thing is use that elbow to extend all the way down. So you can meet the basketball down super low here.

Second and it’s a ground use that palm and the wrist to kind of hit it across. But still use your fingertips to control it. So it’s kind of a little bit of the palm hitting the ball and using your finger to hit it across with a little bit of extra control. So boom, boom, boom, boom. That rhythm is big if you can start developing these different types of lism. That’s really gonna help you with getting that change of speed out of New York wickley. So really pay attention to that rhythm when you’re doing it that’ll also help you get the drill down more quickly. I recommend you do this for about 30 seconds and then jump into this next drill.

So the next drill is going to be similar to that with the rhythm and all we’re gonna do is go crossover and pop it back, pop it back, pop it back. So you’ll notice my left hand. It’s dribbling high right hand stays low and right in the middle. I want to wait for the basketball to just come bouncing off the ground.

So the second it comes off the ground my hands are ready here waiting and the second it hits my hand again I’m gonna hit it across. So boom, boom, boom, boom. Just back to this hand and then you do that 30 seconds. That way 30 seconds the other way. That’s gonna help you get a big change of speed with different types of rhythms and dribble heights and both of these are moves. You can use in games if there’s a high traffic situation and you kill it quick to give your defender a change the speed and the change of direction. That first one is a good option.

The next one is a good option to sell a fake like you’re going to come one way and then come back the other. So the next roll is also of course I change the speed type drill. But we want to develop that change of speed in two different aspects. So before we did it by hitting the basketball down low to get that change of speed. But we also want to be able to have a change of speed one that dribbles at the same height. That’s gonna be really effective for throwing your defenders timing off. So they can’t see that change of speed coming. So easily.

The first thing we’re gonna do is just go dribble soft dribble hard saw. I saw pop saw. That hard drill will try to make it as quick as you can try to put a hole in the ground all that I know it might seem basic. But it’s really important for you to work on that to get that change of speed that you can add into your game. So now you can quickly go into that move in a game situation.

Next we’re gonna do the exact same thing. But with crossover they got two variations of it depending on what level your handle is that the first variation is to go slow, quick, slow, quick. All at waist height and then of course the other way slow, quick, slow, quick. Pawning into the ground as hard as you can a little bit more advanced variation of that if you have a little bit better handles you can change the crossovers. You could go slow, quick, behind slow, quick behind or you could go slow, quick. Into the regular crossover and get out of your comfort zone you might have noticed that kind of bobble the basketball a little there.

That’s a good thing on that hard dribble you want to get out of your comfort zone. That’s how you find a new level of speed or you could change you know. Of course you could go hard soft makes it between the legs the hard dribble and any crossover. You could really put into the mix of this and key pre-mixing this little part of the circuit and then the final drill to take all this stuff. Next level is actually to work on your speed of movement and having a change of speed while the ball is in your hand in the air.

So that might sound kind of weird. But what I’m talking about is being able to have the basketball here and then quickly extend it out to sell a fake in the air right not actually pushing it into the ground hard moving it out here quick. That’s a skill that doesn’t really get developed in most players and that can help you take that change of speed next level and be a lot more defenders.

So all we want to do with this one is come from here pocketing it. When I say pocket I mean get the basketball back by the hip and then extend it out quick. Stand it up quick and then also pawn that dribble again you might notice they bobbled it.

I’m getting out of my comfort zone you could find their new ceiling a new level of speed. So cool boom, boom and notice how I pause when the ball gets here. Pause, extend, quick pause, extend, quick pause, extend, quick. When you wrapped it out you’d want to alternate.

So you can get more reps in your 30 seconds so boom. Really focusing on this being quick like you’re trying to punch someone else your side each time that’ll help you take it. You can have a really good change the speed if you’re fast isn’t that much faster than your regular speed.

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