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I’m going to do a review of two table tennis bets are happen to have the Karakal KTT 500 table tennis bat and the Dunlop Revolution 5000. These are not the same price. The Dunlop is more expensive. In terms of value for money well at least in terms of what you’re getting, it seems like the Karakal is giving you more for that – it does come with its own little carry case. While the Dunlop just comes in a blister pack. So if you would like to have a protective cover for your bet, you’ll need to buy one. If you have the Dunlop if you do go for the demo.

Let me just tell you a little bit about these two bats and thereafter I will compare them side by side. In terms of the caracal, this is supposed to be a tournament standard bat and calling it an offensive bat for spin and speed. It’s lightweight – best ping pong paddles and it’s got hardwood call. It’s a flared handle tough. There the blade thickness. Six millimeters while the rubber is supposed to be two millimeters and the sponge of all the colors orange. It did have a sticker, nice little patent sticker. Obviously in order to do a product review you have to use the products.

That’s the Karakal and then in terms of the Dunlop also for us but mostly for a spin. It’s coming with a five ply. If you look she bill to see five plywood and it comes to the d30 sponge. Let’s compare these bats side-by-side. First, let’s look at v-shape. If you put these bats head-to-head you will see that the Karakal is slightly smaller although it is thicker. In terms of the bottom part the Karakal slightly more tapered than the Dunlop. The Dunlop is ever so slightly wider and then also on the sides it is such a few millimeters wider.

In terms of the weight, this is the way the Karakal is a bit heavier. It’s there one hundred and eighty-two point seven grams while the Dunlop is noticeably lighter at 167 grams. In terms of the thickness the total thickness. The Dunlop is at twelve point three or thereabouts while the Karakal quite a bit thicker thirteen points six. And then in terms of the plywood is at seven miles or six points six while the Dunlop is six on the nose or five point nine seven.

It is thinner and that’s probably why it was a weighs less then in terms of the sponge. And the rubber the total thickness is three point four four for the chemical and for the Dunlop like is thinner. It’s thinner, it’s noticeably thinner. If we look at the sponge there you go and the Dunlop is at two point three moles. In terms of the playing and the enjoyment. They’re both quite similar however in terms of durability. That’s the deciding factor for me. Unfortunately the Karakal has not been able to last as well as the Dunlop although these bats have been played almost identical because these are two players of play each other and you’ll find that the Karakal.

And if you look at how easy it is to just peel this off they have not used a good-enough do here a while if you look at the Dunlop obviously when you play you do catch the table at times. If I try and tear it I can see how it is really trying to resist me like they see I’m pulling it all I’ll probably end up tearing rather than peeling while this. Is some contact adhesive and if you do have this bad you might need to just give it some glue and just repair it.

Let it stay overnight. and just a note, if you are gonna be doing your bats, don’t use just any glue because some glue does eat the phone certain.

Glues have a chemical reaction and you’ll end up destroying the foam.

This is called contact adhesive, it’s a carpet glue and it’s made for the surface. It won’t destroy the foam and obviously you don’t need to put as much as I have like.

I’m doing this creaking and then what you might need to do is just put some tape just. So that it’s held in place and now you could load it with something, to put something on this. That it stays flat and flush at the bottom. This whole back was coming apart and I have to give it to the Dunlop because it’s losting better even though the Karakal is a bit cheaper.

But I’m not perfectly construction of the Dunlop is more suitable for long-term play and then just the one last thing I both do you have this insert. There’s just a feature there will be plastic little insert in the wood and the Dunlop has it on both sides. I suppose they’re probably advertising that for some sort of operation control looks like a honeycomb. Usually with your final in shoes and things like that for shock to absorb shock. This thing is not needing to be compressed while the trials and overall I give it to the Dunlop even though it’s a bit more expensive. Hope this was informative.

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